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How to do Monday a happier day?

When it’s Friday, everybody feels happier and more fulfilled because they know that ahead are two non-working days. As Sunday is coming to an end, a bad mood becomes more intense, and only due to the start of another work week.


However, most of us unjustifiably give a negative connotation to that day. One study has shown that we are on Mondays in worse mood because of the feeling that we are losing freedom. Monday for most people means the end of nonworking weekend, restoring stress and demanding work. Monday marks the end of carefree socializing with friends and family, a place of free and relaxed hours. How can we stop this bad mood that repeats every Monday?

Find freedom

One of the ways to confront feel lost liberty is to find it. Monday, unfortunately, we can not skip. It would be best that Monday is the day of the week when after hours doing what you love. This thought will give you the energy you need to perform the obligations in the workplace.

After hours watch TV, read, walk, have a drink with friends, cuddle with your partner, rub your pet, treat yourself to a massage, and the like. These are just some of the various activities that you can decide. The point is that just on Mondays after hours we are doing what you love.

Change your way of thinking

A little advance planning may help to pass the rest of the week easier. One study has shown that people do not like Monday, because they think that then need to be most productive. However, Sunday is not a day for challenging work.

Saturday is the ideal day to prepare everything for the rest of the week. You can organize your workplace, rearrange computer files, clean the desk, spread out in which order you will perform all the duties that await you for that week. It would also be great to Sunday evening as many prepare for the upcoming week. You can prepare lunch for tomorrow, what you will wear, or prepare a meal for a break at work. These are all little things that will make it less stressful on Monday.


Few of us have time for meditation, or a few minutes with our eyes closed, quiet and deep breathing will be truly useful, and will not impair the quality of work. In the workplace, you should try to find a place where you solely, and the best choice is the bathroom. After all, no one will blame you for a little longer keep in the bathroom.

Sit down, set the alarm on your mobile phone to ring for exactly 1 minute. Your arms and legs put in a relaxed position. Close your eyes and let the mind relax. When the alarm goes off, stop the meditation. You will certainly notice how you improved your mood.

Take Friday

Many of us live for the weekend when they will see friends, go shopping or relax and do nothing. However, there is no reason that some of the good things you do not make for the start and middle of the week. You can, for example, after office hours go to the movies with loved ones. Either way, Friday is the day when it should be utilized as best you can.

If you are tired, take a break, if you want to have fun, go out with friends, if you want to buy new clothes, go shopping. All in all, Friday doing what you love and what you do not end there. Scientists say it would help if everyone agreed on Friday a list of 5 things that we have done very well this week and the 2 things that we do differently next week. In this way, our productivity increased from week to week.

Watch for body and soul

When you adopt healthy habits, you are going to practice on weekends, you’ll have more energy for Monday. Do not forget that the body and mind are connected. The food you eat, the way you sleep and the time you spend moving will affect your mood.

Resist the temptation to going to bed much later and later because you will be to make it harder to wake up on Mondays. The most important thing is to understand how Monday is a day with many advantages, because only then you will cease to be in a bad mood every Monday. On Monday look like on the day before you all week, intact and full of potential waiting to use them.

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