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And at work, you can lose calories! Here’s how

In addition to the work does not get to practice? Do not despair, at the office, you can try a few tricks that will help you stay in shape.

women work

women work

Lift your knees

And when you sit all day, you can expend calories. Lift your knees under the table. Raising the legs alternately, a few inches back and forth, it will be beneficial for the muscles, and stretching.

Hardened stomach

It can work while sitting or standing, and no one notices. You just have to tense the muscles of the abdomen and hold for a few seconds. Do this for about two or three minutes and the results will be visible.

Wear high heels

Although it sounds a bit strange, really thrives. In fact, in high heels, use more muscles and burn more calories than running shoes.

Walk while on the phone

One of the pluses in jobs where there are a lot of phone calls is that you have the opportunity to burn a lot more calories. Firstly, if you have a headset or a cordless phone, and while talking you can walk around the office.

Chew gum

In addition to melting calories, chewing gum will prevent you from taking snacks that are not required.

Go the long way

When you go to the toilet or have a break, or when you need to take some colleagues, take the long way, and if you have the opportunity to use the stairs.

Drink water

Drinking water helps to burn calories, and it is particularly useful if other drinks replace water.

Often rise

One of the best ways to melt calories at work is to get up whenever you have a chance. In addition to being better than sitting, and stretching the muscles.

Use the ball to Pilates. This will use more muscles and will improve your posture and.

Do not eat at the table

It is useful if you eat in the company because you can talk to distract from the fact that you eat as much as you might eat out of boredom.

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