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Frequently asked questions about the child’s vaccination

Vaccination of the child will protect the child from a variety of potentially fatal diseases, including diphtheria, measles, meningitis, polio, tetanus and chronic cough.

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If these diseases are unknown or you have rarely heard of them, it is because vaccines do their things for which they are intended.

However, you probably still care about the advantages and disadvantages of vaccination of the child. We bring you clear answers to frequently asked questions about childhood vaccination.

Is naturally strengthened immunity better than vaccination?

Natural strengthened immunity is often stronger and better than vaccination. But there is a price for natural strengthened immunity. For example, chickenpox will strengthen the immune system, but can cause pneumonia.

Also, some infections can cause long-term paralysis of some parts of the body. With vaccine you prevent the development of various diseases and potentially dangerous complication.

Do vaccines cause autism?

Vaccines do not cause autism. Regardless of the controversy regarding this topic, scientists have not yet found any connection between autism and vaccinations.

Are there dangerous side effects?

Any vaccine can cause side effects. They are generally mild, and non-hazardous. The most common adverse events were mild fever, swelling, pain and redness at the injection site.

Some vaccines can cause an immediate headache, fatigue, dizziness or loss of appetite. It is rare that a child shows serious allergic reaction to the vaccine. Although these side effects are a common concern of parents, should know that the health of a child much less dangerous than the disease which prevents the formation.

Of course, some vaccines do not provide the children with an allergy to certain compounds of the vaccine. If your child is the one that shows an allergic reaction to the vaccine, the more it will never receive.

Why is vaccination done so early?

Because the disease, which prevents the occurrence of vaccine, most often occurring in this age and the risks of complications are probably the biggest. For this reason, vaccination at an early age is necessarily, sometimes shortly after birth.

The child’s immune system is much weaker than yours. Vaccines are used primarily to strengthen the immune system and develop resistance to some bacteria and viruses. This is the main reason for such an early vaccination.

Is it okay to skip vaccination?

In general, skipping vaccination is not good. This can leave a child vulnerable to potentially dangerous diseases that would otherwise be completely avoided. For some children skipping vaccinations can be life-threatening.

If you are in doubt about the operation of a vaccine share your opinion with the child’s doctor, because he will give you more detailed information.


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