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Pear – a combination of refreshing juice and fiber

Who does not love a tasty juice of pears? Pear is a refreshing, either summer or winter. Pear and Apple are two fruits that you should consume daily. The combination of pear juice and fibers are desirable and for your children. If you notice that your child weakens the immune system, pear becomes an essential part of the diet. Well, we’ll give you 11 more reasons why you should eat pears:

pear fruit

1. Pear and free radicals

Pear contains vitamin C, vitamin K, and copper, which are key to preventing the formation of free radicals and cell destruction. So protect the cells of our largest organ: the skin.

2.Pear and heart disease

Pear is rich in fiber, which reduce “bad” cholesterol and thus improves cardiovascular health. Also, the daily consumption of pears, due to the presence of fiber reduces the risk of heart attack by 50%. Anti-cancer of glutathione and antioxidant present in pears assist in controlling blood pressure.

3.Pear cancer

Pear will meet 20-25% of your daily fiber needs. Since the fibers to break down more easily pass through the hose and prevent the formation of polyps. Fiber in pears improve digestion and prevent the development of colon cancer also stress that consume grains. However, if you do not like them, be sure to try to love pears if you have problems with digestion. Also, the pear is food for menopausal women because it reduces the development of breast cancer by 34%.

4.Pear and allergies

Certain fruits cause allergic reactions, no matter how it was healthy. However, the pear falls into the fruit which seldom cause allergic reactions. This makes it useful foodstuff for infants. It does not cause any problems with digestion in children because it contains a small proportion of acid. No, do not give children when they have diarrhea. Also, it would be useful for children to make kompon of pears. It will be easier for them to eat.

5.Pear and sugar

Although it has a sweet taste, low glycemic index and large fiber content, pear helps control blood sugar and prevent diabetes.

6.Pear and immunity

The antioxidants present in pears, such as vitamin C and copper, strengthen the immune system and help fight against infectious diseases. Therefore, pear and you will need to help you if you already declining immunity, which you will notice a weakening of the occurrence of ulcers and herpes. The weakening of immunity can be noted on your skin.

7.Pear and osteoporosis

The weakening of the bone becomes more bigger problem because not only is expressed in the elderly, but increasingly in young due to poor nutrition. To strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis, it is very important to maintain the proper pH of the body and consume foods that are rich in calcium, pH value was maintained properly selecting fruits and vegetables. Pine, which is located in pears improves the adsorption of calcium.

8.Pear and energy

High glucose content will increase your energy in a very short period of time, if you feel tired. Very quickly adsorbed and converted into energy.

9.Pear and Pregnancy

Folic acid is important during pregnancy and for the pregnant woman and the fetus that develops because prevents birth defects. If you are pregnant, required daily consumption of pears.

10. Pear and inflammation

Pear help in the treatment of influenza as anti-inflammatory effect. Also, it helps in other inflammations, such as arthritis.

11. Pear and leather

Fiber from pears have a key role in keeping the skin smooth and soft. The fibers slow the flow of sugar in the blood and prevents damage to the skin, or collagen. This is one reason why too many sweet foods negative effect on your skin. No, pear can fix the consequences.

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