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How you are destroying your eyes?

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You do not wear glasses

Always wear sunglasses with UV protection. Eye exposure to UV rays damage the cornea of the eye and increases risk of cataracts. It also increases the risk of cancer of the eyelids. Even on cloudy days UV rays manage to find their way through the clouds, clouds, therefore, no guarantee for the security of your sight.

Too much use of eye drops

Eye drops are great for the occasional removal of fatigue with the eyes, but not a permanent solution. They constrict blood vessels, or inflammation after a few hours back and blood vessels are again starting to spread. Then your eyes will be redder than they were before.

Improper care of dry eyes

Drops for dry eye come in bottles containing preservatives. Excessive use of these drops will irritate the eyes. Dryness of the eyes is often a symptom of a vision problem. If you use eye drops more than 4 times a day, consult your physician. What rarely rub your eyes and use a humidifier in the room where you most frequently reside.

For too long looking at monitor

Blinking keeps the eyes moist. However, when looking at the monitor, blink less frequently than usual. It should be 12 to 15 times to blink in one minute. If you do not do this, vision will become blurry and eyes tired. Every ten minutes look at the furthest point that is available to you. This way you get some rest for your eyes and prevent visual impairment.

You are not careful with lenses

The lens never put in your mouth and rinse them with water, but use a fluid that is designed for that purpose. Do not wear lenses while showering or swimming. Do not sleep with lenses. It is important that the lenses are appropriate for your eye to be easily removed and placed so as not to damage the cornea and create a suitable place for the accumulation of bacteria.

Use the old make-up and sleep with makeup

For each cosmetic product should be listed expiration date or period within which to spend from opening. Observe these labels because the old makeup really harms the health of your skin and eyes. Always remove makeup before bed.

You smoke

You should not smoke for different reasons, and vision impairment is one of them. Smoking increases the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Reduces the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the area of the entire body, including the eyes.

Ignoring symptoms

Do not assume that the eye pain, blurred vision, redness, or sensitivity to light disappear. If you notice that your vision is weaker and begins to affect the quality of your life, do not wait because it will certainly not improve. Visual impairment should be treated to prevent further damage and the occurrence of eye disease.

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