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Don’t let sleeping together interrupt your dream

Couples who can not get enough sleep are more likely to fight. Sometimes the reason why you have not enough sleep last night is just your partner. Just sharing a bed with someone can disrupt the quality of sleep. These are some of the most common reasons for this.

couple try to sleep in bed

He likes to postpone the alarm

Your partner probably delay the alarm for is sleep-deprived. He thinks that he added five minutes of sleep mean much. But better would you feel if the own right given the 10-20 minutes more, instead of being chopped up delaying alarm. In the morning we are in REM sleep, and waking up constantly during this stage of sleep can only do it to be even sleepier. When you sleep with someone and dispose of alarm, it also affects the sleep of your partner. Partners should adjust the time Nightjar to bed and getting up time so as not to wake need sleep.

She watches TV in bed

Blue light from the TV screen, tablet, mobile phone or laptop affects our internal clock and sends a signal to the brain that you need to stay awake. If one partner uses some of these cellphone in bed, it will affect the other. Throw these devices out of the bedroom.

He snores

Many partners are due to snoring decide to sleep in separate rooms. Although the change of life of the (weight loss, avoiding alcohol before going to bed and sleeping on the side) can help with sleep, sometimes it’s not enough. Snoring may indicate that the partner has a sleeping sickness that needs to be taken seriously. Consult a doctor and find a solution.

She kidnaps blanket

If you sleep with someone you’re still in the night revealed by the whole blanket seize for themselves, cover with two blankets. Maybe this will give the impression that you are somehow separated, but it’s better than sleeping in separate beds.

He loves hugging in a dream and you do not

Some cuddling and hugging in a dream feels and affects sleep well. For others, it creates the impression of suffocation and discomfort. If you are so different, talk openly with your partner. Agree to hug and cuddle a few minutes before going to sleep, but after disconnect and sleep comfortably.

She is a night bird (or early riser), and you are not

If you disagree with your partner around the time of nightjar in the bed, ie. If he wants to lie down sooner or later, you need only to agree about the activities in the bedroom. If your partner gets up early, and you later, let him do it quietly and left the bedroom, and if you stay up late, have lives outside the bedroom. The best would be to somehow synchronize during sleep, but if you can not, you just need to alert people avoided bedroom while her partner is sleeping.

He can not sleep

If your partner rolling over in bed because he can not sleep, you will soon begin to you. When someone can not sleep, I need to get out of bed, went to the bedroom and find something to be interested until he is asleep. At the same time leave your partner to sleep alone. A person who can not sleep could meditate, listen to soothing music, reading a book that is not very exciting or to do something that is otherwise peaceful.

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