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Exercises for super moms: baby fat disappears by magic!

Tighten after childbirth with simple exercises that you perform with your child

mom with baby

Now there is no justification for the kids you can not dedicate yourself and practice. No more sentence like: “I’ll come to the gym only when he / she comes from the nursery!”

The truth is that you can practice with the baby beside her and to lose weight, “a piece of cake,” and when it will and your child to enjoy the time spent with you.

Young Norwegian Jorgina Vastrand Hagensen mom of two young children, and yet it boasts of the body which make her envy and models. The fact that it looks good and is healthy, she helped her baby, whom Jorgina doing squats, lunges and many other exercises.

Go ahead and try this method of exercise and let us know your results.


Photo by Regal+Lager / CC BY

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