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Calm your nerves with this one-minute exercises

Have you ever noticed how much easier is when you lie down after a hard day and take a deep breath and exhale? It helps you relax and calm your nerves, but you can not always take a deep breath – once you stomach is full of food, sometimes you wear tight pants, and sometimes you’re just too tense. However, when you are able, you can relax using the following things.

breathing is calming nerves

Breathing stomach exercises 

Step 1: Try to inhale and exhale deeply through the nose. So purify, heat and humidity air.

Step 2: Lie down and set it in a position where you feel comfortable. Slowly begin to relax your leg muscles, hips, stomach, chest, arms and neck.

Step 3: Focus your attention on your breathing and relaxation. When you relax, breathe and let your stomach up, and then slowly exhale and let your stomach pulled.

Apply this exercise twice daily (each time for approximately 10 breaths) for a week or more. Then stick with it every time you think you need.

Benefits of deep breathing

Breathing in this way helps to better focus and refine your mind and your body. You can lower your blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate, which helps in better flow of oxygenated blood through the body, and relieve the stress.


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