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Do not drink fruit juice at dinner time

Children should drink only water or milk, not fruit juice, experts say. Many parents mistakenly believe that fruit juices are healthy. Teenagers consume 40 percent more sugar than they should.

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Parents should stop giving fruit juice to children for dinner, experts warn. Children should be given only water or milk, not sugary drinks.

According to them, fruit juices have contributed to the large increase in overweight people, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

A typical teenager consumes 40 percent more sugar than necessary. Adults bring 13 percent more than they should.

– Sweet drinks are not good for children. Children need to drink mostly water. We have to develop the habit of people to keep the meal with a glass of water in the barn – says Professor Tom Sanders, a nutritionist from London.

In one study, scientists have come to the conclusion that the orange juice is equally harmful as well as sugary drinks. Only 250 ml of orange juice contains 115 calories (or seven tablespoons of sugar).

Children should be drinking juice once in five days, nutritionists say. In a world where more and more people are obese, this warning should be taken very seriously.


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