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4 probiotic foods that will improve your health: Improve immunity!

Pickled vegetables, kefir, apple cider vinegar and kombucha will do wonder for your body, creating the right balance between good and bad bacteria in the body.


It is clear that good health is extremely important to the body maintain a certain level of bacteria in order to function properly. An important factor in the probiotics (good bacteria) that preserve the ideal balance good (85%) and bad bacteria (15%). Probiotic foods will do just that, will the right balance of the body.

Here are four foods that guaranteed to improve the digestive process:

Fermenting vegetables

The man has been around for decades tightly packed food to preserve it from decay, and this is a way to get and keep the good bacteria within these products. The consumption of foods preserved in this way keeps the bad bacteria and controlled by changing the acidity within the body and prevents the poor growth of bacteria, such as molds a
nd Candida.

Sauerkraut is one of the foods that are hermetically treated in this manner and can be stored for up to half a year, and in the same way you can save all the vegetables from decay.


Kefir is fermenting beverage that is made from milk, water, cereal, and so on. Regular consumption of kefir will do to your body regularly supplies a wide range of beneficial bacteria that will enhance the hydration of the whole body. Kefir contains a certain amount of bacteria that destroy the bad bacteria in our body and so we detoxifies the liver and make the immune system stronger.


Kombucha is known as the “mother” because of their ability to reproduce. It is used for more than 2000 years, but it gained popularity only recently. Drinking kombucha consume a large variety of enzymes and bacterial acid that detoxifies the liver, helps in the digestion, and improves overall health. To make kombucha, you need a green tea, a little sugar and kombucha starter to make this mushroom.

apple cider

These ingredients can be found in all stores, but it is very important to create your own homemade vinegar resulting fermentation of apples. It is extremely useful for cleansing the body, to enter the enzyme and repairing the immune system.

With apple vinegar will prevent heartburn, stimulate the lymphatic system and helps in eliminating Candida.


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