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Red grape restore power

If you are in the 14 hours each day eating chocolate is not a coincidence. Your brain, the concentration craves sugar, and chocolate is perfect as a starter. In some cases food can really help you to get in the mood, you’re stronger or more concentrated.

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It hard to concentrate?

If you sometimes have trouble with memory, calm the nerves by something biting when you are tired, you have a huge need for sweets after a meal you’ve never fed, hormone-serotonin, insulin and leptin in your body is not aligned.

What you can do:

Omega-3 fatty acids activate the hormones that control hunger. Are present in oily fish such as herring, mackerel, salmon, sardines and tuna. The ideal amount, two or three times a week for 120 grams. Fiber contribute to maintaining the stability of blood sugar levels, thanks to which long held satiety. Replace white flour products from those of the integral. The ideal breakfast for you: muesli with fruit.

You’re exhausted?

Tire easily, even when performing regular daily tasks, always hungry, even after eating, you often have a headache and your heart pounding when long standing spin you in the head and often have dark circles. The reason is that your body produces excess cortisol, a stress hormone that weakens the immune system.

What you can do:

Lots of sugar and white flour in food means a lot of insulin and cortisol in the blood. You can also reduce the amount of vitamins B and fiber. Because daily eat bread or whole grain pasta. In addition, you need magnesium. Ten grams of nuts is an ideal daily amount.

You have no power?

Sore muscles after small effort. Strong smells bother you, does not agree with you coffein at night often rest, and during the day you are concerned. Almost never is not perspire. I never have the feeling that you are full of energy and enthusiasm. There is an enzyme that protects cells against dangerous free radicals. Thanks to him break down harmful substances that are created due to the introduction of too much alcohol or sugar.

What you can do:

Polyphenols are secondary plant substances that stimulate the production of the respective enzymes. Most of them are in red grapes, dark chocolate, green tea, apples, grapefruit and red onion. Eat every day for at least two servings of these foods, for example a paddy apple or 10 g dark chocolate!

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