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Do you properly consume and make tea

Teas are the first drugs that gave us our planet. Although still widely in use, you, like many other people, probably mistakenly consume, and take tea.

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Although doctors do not prescribe them so often in the same teas believe many medics, and people around the world nurture their health thanks to the healing properties of many plants. They contain essential oils, tannins and pigments and many beneficial properties owing to which they are seen as hunters and killers of harmful free radicals. They make them from dried plant parts are used for indoor or outdoor use.

Unfortunately, many of us are surprised and disparage the tea, because, as claimed, ineffective, but few consider why this is so – if you make mistakes in the way of preparation, including the selection of tea.

Teas are really effective, but they need to know to prepare and use. And that goes for adding honey, lemon, milk, …

Initial guidance

Mostly preferred is to use tea leaves – always give him an advantage over the tea bags. Keep it mandatory in a closed container and prepare in a kettle or pot and where newspapers have space to spread out.

Teas are best known for its broad medicinal properties – black, green, white are prepared by one teaspoon of tea poured with 200 ml of hot water. Specifically, for these teas do not use hot boiling water. When you boil let it sit to cool to the specified temperature (note the indication on the box). Exceptions are black, but also fruit, rooibosh, and even other herbal teas for which you need a higher tempreture – hot water, but not boiling again. Tea prepare so that boiling water remove from the stove and leave coincident for few minutes (up to 5 minutes). Then it will be the temperature at about 90 to 100C, which is ideal for tea. Pouring tea, cover and leave as indicated – an average of 2 to 10 minutes. Green tea and tea tree leaves can be used a few times.

Keep in mind that the tea must be in the water for at least 1 minute, and for most (except for some specific types) on after 5 minutes it becomes bitter.

Selecting “material”

Use the best quality teas. If you already love and drink for health then do not hesitate to and extract more money for quality tea. It is preferable to use spring or filtered water – no chlorine. Always use fresh water and container in which you prepare tea and cooking water should be set aside for that purpose.

If the tea add lemon or honey put them only when tea is mild because these supplements are labile at high temperature losing all useful properties.

(Of course, some teas are prepared differently, even cooked in water or allowed to stand up to an hour – if so specified on the box’s instructions. Also, some teas are prepared with cold water, because at higher temperatures lose their medicinal properties ).

Hazard and dosage

Yes, tea can be harmful or completely useless if you do not prepare and do not store well. (Let’s say some teas is shelf life of only 6 months). Do not “turn up” tea approx thinking that if you add a little more to get the recommended amount of water a healthier tea. These teas can even be too strong and cause heartburn.

As for the dosage, adults can drink up to four cups of tea a day (if not more recommended). For children, the recommended one to two cups. Do not prepare a milder tea than just reduce the amount.

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