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Beauty care during pregnancy

Your body goes through many changes during pregnancy and it seems that you care about beauty in last place. Here’s how to still care for, and that it do not take up much time.

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For major changes when it comes to beauty (skin, hair, feet, bloating,) affects most “flood” of hormones and increased blood volume. Although you have, as they say, the healthy glow of pregnancy can greatly change your skin (its color, texture, cause acne and pimples, …), but also hair.

Many women are easier to tolerate and even claim that their skin improved, they were stronger nails, hair swells (it is possible that this is due to the extra vitamins that their doctor prescribes or folic acid are). In any case, other women, and some of these will encounter problems when it comes to care. It may happen that you thin hair becomes shiny and thick, dry skin once a greasy. Many pregnant women have to change their mode of care, not only when it comes to the exclusion of some certain cosmetic products, which can be harmful to the baby, but also to adapt to the changes.

Problem with hands

It should not surprise you if your hands, which were once smooth and soft suddenly become red, dotted, skinny – as if you wash dishes or laundry for hours without gloves, and after a lot of cleaning up the house. Do not just desirable, is not it? Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do. Hands do not forget to protect woolen gloves in winter, a rubber when you wash the dishes. Nurture them with olive or coconut oil, or even baby cream.


Although perhaps with them still do not have a big problem, it is possible to appear in the third quarter. Then you will be more difficult to install good in bed, get some sleep, the baby will wake you might shock … However, the best solution for dark circles under the eyes is a good dream, because the fight to the birth – what are you looking for a more comfortable position, grasp each the opportunity to sleep, surround pads if necessary, keep your room smells like lavender, …

Dark circles can be quickly fixed by wet cloth with cold water and trim and hold a couple of minutes on the eyes. A little concealer will not hurt.

Swollen joints

As time goes by you will have more accumulated water in the body, there will be more pressure on the joints, so it may seem magnified. Because this can occur already mentioned circles, but also tight and shiny skin. The legs as often rest, you can sometimes pick up a little, but i put on the joints lining of frozen fruit wrapped in a towel or cloth.


It is possible that during pregnancy bright freckles darken or will occur on the face of mild stains. It is a miasma or “mask of pregnancy”. This occurs because the increased levels of the female hormone estrogen leads to an increased number of melanocytes (cells producing melanin, which leads to a darker skin).

Sun exposure may exacerbate this problem, so well protect (use sunscreen for pregnant women) even in winter. These spots on the skin will begin to fade after the baby is born.


Increased circulation can lead to clogged pores and pimples. Pregnant women are required to clean the skin well and you should not forget to download detailed, in-depth makeup from the face before going to sleep. Exfoliate the face at least twice a week, and even more if you have dry skin, but of course do not forget to moisturise.

Stretch marks

Of course, we can not leave them. Genetics, and excess weight in pregnancy (as well as some other factors) could affect the fact that the appearance of stretch marks. However, the chances of skin with no stretch marks are better if you regularly moisturize the skin. You can try it with cocoa butter, olive oil, or even baby creams.


Hair removal can be quite painful in pregnancy, because the skin is more sensitive. Avoid all waxing treatments involving the use of chemicals, as well as permanent hair removal laser and similar treatments are not recommended.

Also, you must have noticed that your hair grow more slowly. Epilator and razor blades are, perhaps, the best, because it does not bother the baby, less painful, and do not damage the already weakened capillaries in pregnancy. If you can stand the pain is safe sugar or Egyptian depilation.

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