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You did not know this about bacon

If think that you know all about this delicious meat products, consider it a little better.

bacon meat

We bring you 7 facts you might be surprised.

1. Hangover cures

British researchers from the University of Newcastle have been linked with a reduction in the consumption of bacon consequence of a hangover. The same, however, found that it contains an amino acid that helps to compensate neurotransmitters whose number decreases rapidly during intense drinking alcohol.

2. “Divisions” scent

The smell of smoked bacon inspired a whole rank of amazing products including cologne created in 1920 by a Parisian butcher. The product contained 11 essential oils, one of which is encouraged by the favorite dried pork belly.

3. Refreshes breath

Forget toothpaste with essential oils hibiscus, mint and other herbs refreshing – look for one with the smell of bacon. Toothpaste with this ingredient floss smoked in the traditional way, but ensures a fresh breath.

4. The best fries in the oven

Contrary to common opinion – crunchy slices of bacon in the oven to bake you. Instead of in a pan, place the pieces of bacon on a baking sheet cakes, and put them in the oven. Not only will you achieve a more balanced thermal processing of each slice, it will be easier to clean.

5. Addictive

Recent research shows that a diet rich in calories and fat, including frequent consumption of bacon – stimulates a brain responsible for pleasure. In this way, causes bodily needs which borders ss addiction.

6. It is celebrated on the state level

Some nations are so obsessed with bacon that they pay special attention to the event. Saturday before Labor Day in the United States, for example, is considered the unofficial day of bacon. Lovers of the day enjoying food, drink and activities inspired fatty pork snacks.

7. Helps memory

Bacon contains micronutrient called choline, which is important for the development of the hippocampus in the brain, acts reserved for memory. A study from the University of North Carolina suggests that the same principle can contribute to a better brain development in the unborn child if a pregnant woman consume foods rich in this element.

Advice: The bacon should not be exaggerated. Consume it occasionally, in small quantities, and of course, it is desirable to be of organic origin.

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