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How you destroy oatmeal?

Oatmeal are the perfect breakfast. They are simple and delicious. They belong to the group of grains and can be consumed in different ways.

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Best of all is that it can be cooked in water. Then the swelling in your stomach take a lot of places, but for you it means that it is smaller portion enough to make you feel fuller for a long time. They do not contain a lot of fiber, but enough to help in the regulation of cholesterol levels and enhance the work of the digestive system.

You eat too large portion

Just because they are healthy does not mean you can eat a lot. Approximately 1/2 cup of oatmeal is enough. You enter 150 calories, but if you do not take into account the additives with which you eat them, such as milk or fruit. With the additions will increase the number of calories to about 300. Breakfast will be filling, but will not cause weight gain.

You add too much sugar

There are various ways to sweeten your oatmeal, but do not overdo it with anything. Honey is healthy, as well as brown sugar, but all contain calories. Instead of using such sweeteners rather start using cinnamon, unsweetened cocoa powder or vanilla extract. The taste will continue to be excellent, and the calories will be much less.

You add too much dried fruit

If it is a fruit, it does not mean that you can overdo it. Dried fruits contain more calories than fresh fruit. Skip dried fruits and prefer to add frozen or fresh. Frozen fruit may contain added sugar, so check carefully during purchase. If you are adding fresh fruit, add just a seasonal because it is the tastiest and healthiest.

You add too much nuts

You surely think that you can not go wrong with nuts, no matter how you put them. They contain proteins and healthy fats, and all it takes your body, especially in the morning. Because of the high proportion of fat, no matter what the word about healthy fats, nuts are high in calories. Excessive consumption of nuts will cause excessive caloric intake, and ultimately the accumulation of excess weight. Just add a handful of nuts into oatmeal.

You do not buy a plain oatmeal, but those with added flavors

They with added flavors are maybe tasty for you, but they are not so healthy. Oatmeal with added flavors contain a lot of sugar. Eat regular, preferably organic oatmeal and enrich their own taste. In addition, plain oatmeal absorb more water than those rich flavors. For you, this means a longer feeling of satiety and digestive system work better.

You do not add nothing

Sometimes people eat oatmeal only with water or milk. You can sometimes work that, but do not make a habit. Breakfast should contain a range of nutrients, and it will not be achieved if in the oatmeal you will not add some foods. Add one cup of fresh fruits, nuts and a little teaspoon of cinnamon. You can eat them with milk or water, depending on how you prefer. Thus, a bowl of oatmeal contain 300 to 400 calories, which is enough for filling and healthy breakfast.

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