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7 best cardio exercises for men and women!

Do you want to start “melt” fat and remove excess weight? For you cardio exercise that can train together men and women …


There are several types of exercise. However, no one type of exercise does not “dissolve” fat and removing excess weight as well as cardio exercises. We recommend a 7 cardio exercises that you can do both sexes:


Running is a good choice for several reasons: It does not require additional equipment, but good running shoes. You can run whenever you fall to remember and anywhere. Running strengthens the muscles and bones. The downside is that you need a little more time to improve. That is, eventually you will run more miles in a short period of time. No, that’s not a reason to give up. A bit set goals. But do not worry, you can reach the goal.


Do you want to burn a lot of calories, choose skiing, if you are able during the winter. Skiing exercise upper and lower body, which makes the ski ideal exercise because of the very small number of exercises that practice the entire body and also burn a lot of calories.


Ride a bike and you out there and in your home. This exercise can burn from 250-500 calories in 30 minutes, depending on the speed. The big advantage is that cycling can be part of the routine of going to work, shopping, …

4 Elliptical trainer – bodybuilder

One of the most popular exercise equipment. Although the device, allows you to get your body moving in a natural way. For some types of devices can determine the speed of pedaling.


Swimming is like skiing, one of the exercises which involves the muscles of the entire body. Swim for 30 minutes and you’ll burn about 400 calories. And it’s the only exercise in which you sweat.


During walking also we burn a lot of calories, even if it just does not. The same advantage as in running, you do not need any additional equipment. During walking, try to correct the spine and do not forget to move your hands. The position of the spine during walking because it is very important not to distort.

Skipping rope

Jumping rope is a favorite game of children. Too bad we’re older forgotten that game. The rope is great “bodybuilder”. You can skip home, at work, in a park in the fresh air, … you can even take on the trip. For starters, skip rope for 1-2 minutes, during breaks easy stroll, and repeat it for 10-20 minutes. Over time, the longer you skip rope.


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