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How healthy is frozen broccoli?

Frozen vegetables are produced sometimes with more nutritional substances from fresh, but not always and not every kind of vegetable.

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Thus, for example, broccoli, is not just healthy frozen as fresh.

The process of freezing broccoli reduces the levels of substances that are proven to reduce the risk of cancer and chronic inflammation in the body. Fortunately, there are ways to maintain a healthy broccoli, even if it freezes.

New research by American scientists, published in the Journal of Food Science, reveals that adding herbal spices before freezing in broccoli can prevent degradation of the active medicinal compounds.

You can also add a little chicory to broccoli after freezing remained just as healthy as fresh.

The facilitator of research, said that “this study we have shown that not all frozen vegetables as healthy even healthier, such as fresh.”

If you currently have a large stock of broccoli and want to use it later, of course it will freeze taken as the best option. Scientists point out that chicory, cauliflower, horseradish and parsley can retain its nutritional compounds.

Also, broccoli should be briefly boiled before freezing because that way you will keep its anti-inflammatory properties. Boil it, let it cool and mix with fresh herbs that will keep them nutritionally.

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