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How much water should drink after a workout?

How you sweat more, the plasma volume decreases.

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You must be met with the days during which you forget to drink even one glass of water. It will take hours and hours until you realize that you are not sure what the body needs the most and is necessary for proper functioning.

Everybody can happen to forget to drink water during the day, it’s nothing too bad, but could be if you forget to drink water even after training, especially high intensity training.

Several studies have shown that the body’s ability to regulate heart rhythm is much weaker after intense exercise, which may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, even if you are completely healthy.

Research scientists from Brazil has shown that heart to restore its normal rhythm of work much faster if the body provide an adequate amount of water after a workout. Thus, the heart of a lot easier to pump blood and reduces the risk of developing a number of complications.

During high-intensity workout, your body loses 1-4% of water from the body per hour. This fluid comes from the interior of cells and blood plasma. How do you sweat more, so the plasma volume decreases. The heart then begins to work faster. Average acceleration is 3 to 6 bpm.

To know exactly how much water you should drink after a workout, experts advise that weighed just before and after training, without having to drink water between measurements. HTEC will drink 150% more than the lost weight. The 50% increase is necessary to drink because you will relieve the excess through urine. Therefore, if after a workout weigh 0.5 pounds less, you’ll need to drink about 3 cups of water.


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