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The foods you can eat with peel

All the experts advised to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. That will speed up your health and much easier will keep slimness.

peel vegetable

However, you should know that some foods better to eat with bark because bark contains nutrients that definitely you want to afford your body. Of course, these foods eat with bark only if they are from organic farming.


Even 20% of nutritional compounds such as vitamins B group and different minerals are found in potato crust. It is enough to wash the potatoes, peel them you do not need.


Bark eggplant contains powerful antioxidants that help in the prevention of various diseases and premature signs of aging.


Although people don’t eat the cucumber peel that is not tasty, they should occasionally eat because it contains antioxidants and fiber that help prevent digestive problems.


As long as you wash them well, really no need to scrub them. All antioxidants that are found in carrots are in use and just below the bark.


Bark apple some people find it hard to digest, but this is because it contains full of fiber, which improve the health of the digestive system. Bark apples contain quercetin, vitamin C and compounds that help prevent cancer.

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