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Detox smoothie

Recipe for detox smoothie, health elixir, but with a recipe for making milk of almonds

Almond milk - detox smoothie

Almond milk – detox smoothie

A key component of this detox smoothie will be the milk of almonds that you do the following:

In 600 ml of water put 100 g of raw almonds. Leave for 12 hours in the freezer (overnight). All together, inserted into the blender and add 300-400 ml of water. Mix until became a white, thick liquid similar to milk. From 100 g of raw almonds may be made of 1 liter of almond milk.

When finished blending, in the mixture (prepared almond milk), add the following ingredients:

  • two tablespoons of crushed flaxseed
  • two tablespoons minced sesame
  • two to three tablespoons of honey
  • fruit of choice (raspberries, bananas, strawberries,… mix made ​​according to taste)

And you are left only to enjoy DETOX SMOOTHIE!


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