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Would you exercise in high heels to tighten the butt?

In America, the practice in high heels is more popular. Women do squats and sit-ups in shoes with heels, and this trend is becoming popular in the UK. And there is a special series of exercises to tighten buttocks and thighs, which, if you work in a shoe with a heel, quickly comes to results.

exercise in high heels

Even when they go out in high heels, women are faced with pain in the feet and ankles, and now more and more of them who practice in shoes with high heels.

Although most cited negative consequences of life are shoes with heels, fitness fans claiming that they secret sculpted body.

But there’s a catch – in order to benefit from them, you have to practice in shoes with very high heels.

This trend promotes the celebrities too. Victoria Beckham was recently posted on Twitter a photograph of herself and exercise on a treadmill in shoes with heels high 12 inches.

Personal trainer Niki Manasseh (29) developed a practice in shoes with heels that claims to tighten the legs, buttocks, thighs and abdominal muscles. Niki started to deal with this a year and a half ago.

Try doing lunges and squats in shoes with high heels. The muscles will be tighter than ever. Menu is quite logical that the results faster, since the articles are slightly raised, so the leg muscles and buttocks are already strained. Heels should be at least 8 centimeters long, and the good thing is that in this way you are doing and the smallest muscles – says Niki.

The results, she said, are stunning. After only a year of regular practice, her clients had visibly spent hips and tighter butt- and none of them have broken heels.

On the other hand, doctors emphasizes the negative side of wearing high-heeled shoes, warning that they shorten the Achilles tendon and ankle and exercise pressure on the spine, as those who wear them have to throw your hips forward to maintain balance.

Running in Heels seems silly, since the risk of falling and injury to large, but if you try it first slowly, you will realize that it is not that hard once you get used. Squats should you do with your feet apart and descend to the height of the imaginary seat. I kick-boxing training as part of these exercises. Then there are breakthroughs in which it goes to the limit of endurance. And the best part is what comes after – it feels tight and sexy, because your shoes at the heel gives extra confidence – says Niki.

However, physical therapist Tim Alardis, warns about the negative effects by this trend.

– Practicing in the shoes of the heel is ridiculous and borders with madness. That increases the tension in the legs, and the greatest burden falls on the thumb, which can lead to ankles. You can damage the joints, and the knees, hips and back suffer unhealthy pressure. Therefore, it may lead to severe back pain, injuries and inflammation. I understand that this may well affect the formation of muscle, but there are many safer ways to get muscles and tighten up, and you do not have negative consequences – he says.


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