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Ugliest on Monday morning?!

Ugliest feel on Monday morning – companies that sell products for the beauty that very day the most advertised products.

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Monday morning, nobody likes. The excessive haste that we could put makeup properly, too tired to go to the gym and still recovering from the weekend.

Another reason we hate Monday: one study revealed, not only do we feel the ugliest, but this fact using the companies that sell products for beauty care and thus earn on our insecurities.

The study, conducted by a London-based media agency, has been implemented to detect when women feel most unattractive and to the weak point could be to take advantage of companies that sell products for beauty. Women 18 years and older were asked whether they when they feel most unattractive in order to discover the most suitable time for advertising.

The reasons are usually stress, lack of motivation and physical and emotional effects of the weekend that showed on our face. On the other hand, women are the best feeling on Thursdays, when the workweek at the end of and weekend on the horizon.

Both the data used for these companies. In some situations it is better to be affected by customers when they feel bad, and in some cases it is best to influence them when they feel happy and confident.

So Monday becomes a day that will customers be encouraged to do something in order to be beautiful again, and the messages are advertisements focus on how to make women feel smart, how to quickly refine and how to organize themselves in order to achieve a good result. Then it is best to share tips and tricks for quick adjustments in makeup and clothing.

On the other hand, on Thursday would be best to advertise activities for a good look, how to dress for the weekend, where to go shopping. Thursdays are the most worthwhile advise where is best to go shopping and how to dress for various activities on weekends.


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