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Clean the body of heavy metals, reduce cholesterol and balance digestion

The plant arrived from distant Asia as a whole is used, such as leaves and seeds. Coriander has a broad health, and cooking, holding a high position of the ingredient. Although his bad reputation to put it stinks, its healing power is undeniable and palatability.


Adorned in Asia, especially in the Middle East, where he plays a central role in cooking. He Europeans are generally prone, probably because of the strong smell and bitter taste. But its value is manifold. Coriander is a herb that provides health benefits and enriches dishes. Its scent is described as smelly, a mixture of soap, musk and sweat, and the ancient Greeks called it Koris, which means bugs.

Contains coriander essential oils used in perfume production, protein, sugar, vitamin C, and part of the organic acid. The essential oil obtained by distillation from the seeds and make it monoterpenole 70 percent, 10 percent monoterpenes, ketones, esters, and coumarin.

Seeds helps in digestion and maintain normal cholesterol levels, and the leaves in the removal of certain heavy metals (such as mercury and lead), which can accumulate in the body.

Although the leaves are very bitter, are used not only for medical purposes but also in the kitchen. South Asian cuisine and uses it to garnish dishes and as an addition to sauces, salads and cheese. Freshly ground fruits supplement the bun, leguminous vegetables and pumpkins.

Mature dried fruits are used in the preparation of special roasts, and one of the ingredients of curry powder, paste and spices for gingerbread. It is also used for filling beer, liquor, compotes, marinades and Christmas cakes.

What is striking is the range of ingredients which are agreed to and which enhances the flavor, such as: avocado, lentils, corn, coconut, lemon, saffron, green olives, nuts, eggplant and fruits.

Is this reason enough to incorporate into your diet?


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