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How to solve the problem of ingrown hairs: Tweezers is not the only ally!

There’s nothing worse than irritated skin after shaving or waxing and ingrown hairs phenomenon is perhaps one of the worst

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Regular exfoliation will help to solve the milder forms of ingrown hairs. It is recommended that the problem areas anoint preparations based on salicylic or glycolic acid. To relieve the redness and swelling is a good choice hydrocortisone cream.

If the tip of the hair is visible, gently pluck the hair with tweezers. Previous disinfect the skin, and a pair of tweezers. Suffice it to overwrite alcohol. Do tweezers “dig” under the skin so as not to further aggravate the problem.

To resolve this long-term problem, it is best to focus on prevention. If you use a razor, try to shave so the razor dragging down the hair instead of hair growth. In addition, do not tighten the skin while shaving.

Problem areas regularly oil the cream or lotion that contains salicylic acid. This product is great for preparing the skin for waxing. Use it regularly for several days before treatment.


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