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The best plants for faster weight loss

If you pay attention to diet and try to lose weight, pay attention to some specific plants. We are writing that are best and how to use them for faster weight loss.

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Of course, no matter how much we want to believe, miracles when it comes to losing weight, just does not happen. Do the effort, sacrifice and sweat. However, not everything has to be so drastic. The smartest thing is that you approach this process unencumbered and provide a little more time. Things can accelerate, in the healthiest way, with the help of some very “wise” plants. Learn how to profit from them and point to “eat” all those calories and fat you accumulate so carelessly.

Some of them are mild diuretics, other speeding up the metabolism, clean some of it, some of alleviating hunger, others give you energy.

Energy drink

To be clear, of course, does not mean the energy drink, but the plant, which grows in the forests of Venezuela and northern Brazil. With us you can find in the shops was, in the dust. It acts as a diuretic, but also stimulates the nervous system, helps you to cope with depression and stress. With her avoid “emotional eating” which is usually the most common cause of excess weight.


What kind of useful plantlets word we wrote in the text Do not ignore dandelion. Indeed, it may help for their laxative and diuretic properties. Improves digestion, metabolism and helps to reduce cholesterol, and is full of vitamins and minerals. You can add a fresh leaf lettuce, sprinkle with a little olive oil and add a little salt. Drink the tea – at least one cup a day (usually used tea made from dandelion root), and you can combine it with cranberry juice for better effect. Tea can leave in boiling water for about 5 minutes, or longer, if you do not mind the bitter taste. (Of course, the juice of cranberries that can mitigate).

Cayenne pepper

This wonderful little plant angry! It stimulates metabolism and with its help the body to burn more calories. If you use every day, you can speed up metabolism by 25 percent. You can use capsules or dilute 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper powder in a glass of water and drink it every day before meals. Since it is quite hot start with only one glass a day. After you increase the number of glasses.


With it you are more durable and less tired. Ginseng gives you the power to easily get through all those exercises, which you should do if you want to melt those pounds. You used ginseng tablets, powder, liquid extract, … Just keep in mind that it does not take in the evening, because it will keep you awake late into the night.


Soak them in water, and eat the next day. It will give you a feeling of fullness, so you eat less, and with it are very healthy.


Do not forget the two delicious spices – ginger and cinnamon. Ginger cleanses the digestive system. Food that is “loaded” reserves in the body can cause weight gain. With ginger you to avoid. Cinnamon is a wonderful paired with ginger, and regulates blood sugar and cholesterol.


Highlights of green tea (drink one cup a day – or two) and nettle tea, which is full of vitamins and minerals, cleanses the blood.

Of course, make sure you take everything in moderation and properly dosed quantities and pay attention to anything that combines them, if you use some of tablets. However, ask for advice and opinion of your doctor.

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