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6 foods that you should avoid during menstrual periods: only intensify the symptoms!

Canned foods and chips, fatty meats, cakes, and sweets are your real enemies, and are not only good lines, but also enhance and promote pain

stomack pain

Menstrual pain can be extremely uncomfortable and persistent. Just as there are foods that alleviate the negative symptoms of PMS, so too are those that enhance and stimulate pain.

The following six “enemies” are desirable to keep at during the cycle.

1. Canned foods and chips

Try to bypass any processed foods such as those in cans or potato chips. This food contains a high amount of sodium, which may further amplify the pain in the stomach and cause vomiting. Instead of select healthy foods, raw foods.

2. Fatty meat

Meat contains high levels of saturated fat, which can cause inflammation and pain. And that’s the least you need during your period, that some food only “increase” their pain. If you just can not remove the meat from their menus, then at least choose white meat or instead of meat, eat fish.

3. Rolls

We know – powder can be utterly delicious, but unfortunately, these foods contain a high level of trans-fats (also known as “partially hydrogenated oil”) that increase estrogen levels and cause pain in the uterus. What makes it dangerous trans fats is the way you raise your LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and lipoprotein levels and lowers your HDL cholesterol – the worst possible combination of fatty organic compounds. Our suggestion is to consume fiber-rich bread.

4. Sweets

Cakes and all other foods rich in sugar, improves mood only briefly, while encouraging stomach pain. So if you search “sugar” instead of chocolate cake, take the other fruits such as pears, bananas, melons and apples.

5. Caffeine

Coffee with a lot of caffeine can induce pain and cause delay following menstrual cycle. Instead of coffee, try to drink tea or coffee with less caffeine. It is also recommended to bypass the consumption of energy drinks.

6. Alcohol

All alcoholic drinks have extremely negative effects on our physical condition, causing bloating, and mood swings. Enjoy tea and try during menstruation does not consume alcohol or even coffee.


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