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Zumba for younger, pilates for seniors

Swimming suits everyone, because the risk of injury is minimal. Zumba fitness is a cardio-fitness workout based on Latin American dances.

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You have decided to re-create, but do not know which sport you prefer? There is not only critical of your interest, but also age. The only exception is swimming, which suits all ages, because the weight of the body in the water practically reversed, so that the chance of injury is almost ruled out.

Younger than 20 years, with swimming, and recommend corrective gymnastics. These are targeted exercises that prevent bending of the spine, correcting spinal deformities, flat feet and improper posture. To children interested in any sport, training should be fun, a job coach is to properly animate – emphasized iron.
For women from 20 to 30 years, is recommended aerobics, zumba and cardio boxing.

Zumba fitness is a cardio-fitness training-based on Latin American dances. There is no choreography, only basic dance steps, everyone can learn. Increases confidence and improves mood, because when you dance you feel like you’re at a party.

Cardio boxing, also known as Tai Bo, is inspired by martial arts such as karate, tai chi, taekwondo, boxing. Intensive training increases strength and endurance of the body and, most importantly, has a large number of calories. At the same time, you can remove the stress, good sweat and tighten the entire body, says our fitness expert.

Representatives of the gentler sex from 30 to 40 years, it’s recommended combined training the entire body with cardio exercises.

These are exercises for the entire body, starting from the abdominal and back muscles, which are the pillars of the body through exercises for the lower extremities, buttocks, shoulder girdle and arm. After that, follow cardio workout of moderate intensity for 20 to 30 minutes, and, finally, stretching exercises, explains our choice.

The ladies from 40 to 50 years can do a lot for their health and fitness, if you regularly go to yoga or pilates.

Movements in yoga increases strength, endurance and mobility of the body, while releasing stress. Pilates training is based on stretching and breathing techniques, so that regular exercise muscles are lengthened and the body becomes leaner and tighter.

And after the 50th are recommended regular walks and swimming, activities that reduce stress and boost metabolism, advises our source.

Swimming relaxes and makes body stronger

Swimming is the healthiest physical activity as engage all muscle groups which has a beneficial effect on the heart, lungs, joints. Shapes, strengthens and tightens muscles, affects posture and mental state, and the people who regularly swim, relaxed and calmer.


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