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Yoga postures for healthy kidneys

The kidneys have a very important function in our body, they regulate the amount of water and help us to be free of impurities and it is therefore very important to our health.

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There are yoga postures that help us to maintain healthy kidneys.

Balancing on hands

Relying on our hands, which are slightly bent, knees up to the elbows, and strike a balance. This position is for the more advanced yoga students.


This position helps to balance the body, strengthens and stretches, and gives us a rush of energy.

Low rod

This position includes isometric concentration in the arms, shoulders, chest and legs. Simply balancing on toes and hands that are firmly on the ground next to the body bent at an angle of 90 degrees – the closest we get down in the pushup.

Leaning rod

Balance on one leg and arm, torso has been completely open with one hand, the hips are lifted from the ground, hands that are not on the surface is raised high above his head, and the view is directed towards her. Beginners can lower knee stick to the surface.

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