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The system of exercise: exercise 10 minutes before breakfast

Of course, many will tell you that early morning exercising on an empty stomach is not desirable, but we do not recommend anything tedious. 10 minutes of exercise before breakfast has its great advantages. Learn them.


The good thing about these exercises is that not exhausting and you and you feel that you’re time-consuming. Keep in mind that recent studies suggest that early morning light exercise has more benefits than exercise during the day.

Why does it work?

Those are useful, because you will not notice that they took some time. No hesitation. And it’s easier to enter into a habit. During the day you have more excuses to cancel the exercise, and in the morning almost no one (other than your laziness).

It is interesting to exercise early in the morning, before other commitments reduce the craving for food, especially sweets. The air in the early morning is usually cleaner, better circulation of works, the easier it shuts down, more oxygen comes into the bloodstream – the entire cardiovascular system work better. So, you have more energy during the day.

And you burn 20 percent more calories in this way, if you exercise on an empty stomach. Another good thing is that these exercises act as a cup of coffee – vigilance fast performance.

What to exercise in 10 minutes

You can get on to the fast and effective cardio exercise – 10 minutes without a break. Run in place, doing lunges, jump and spread your hands (jumping jack), push-ups, squats.

In addition you will find a Zumba (home version), bike, jog (run a path around the building or running down the street in the neighborhood), …

Try and yoga. It seems as if the 10 minutes you can not do much, but that’s not true. It will shake you up, warm up, improve circulation, relieve stress, improve your poise and raise energy levels. It is worth, right?

Enough or not?

It does not seem sufficient, but better than nothing. And, besides, if you repeat the exercise (and you can not change them) every day, the results will be very visible. Do not hold on to only one of exercise. One day you are doing quick exercises, others go for a run, the third cycling, …

When you are finished exercising prepare a healthy breakfast full of vitamins and protein, juice squeezed fruit and awake and full of energy, you move in labor victories.

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