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Family meals for better mental health of the child

Family meals are perfect for bonding with the child.

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Regular family meals are excellent for improving the mental health of the child, especially a teenager, discovered American scientists.

The study included 26 000 adolescents aged 11-15 years. Filled the questionnaire containing questions about the frequency of family meals and relationship with their parents, but also a variety of tasks that reveal the state of their mental health.

The results showed that frequent family meals have a positive effect on their mental health. Children who frequently eat with their family had fewer behavioral problems and were emotionally developed.

The positive effect of family meals was present in all children, regardless of age, gender or socioeconomic status of the family.

The results of our research are not particularly surprising since it is known that the family plays a major role in the development of the child.

The researchers said that parents should take advantage of every opportunity to socialize with the child and family meals are the ideal time for it.

Relaxed atmosphere, exchanging thoughts and conversations are part of the family meal, which is why they are of great importance in a child’s mental development.

Even if you are not able to every day of the week you eat together, set aside at least one day a week during which you breakfast, lunch or dinner to spend together. Believe it or not, it will help your child to grow closer to you, get to know the true values ​​of life, grows and develops smoothly, both physically and emotionally.

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