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Is it okay to pluck gray hairs

Are you saying that you do not rip the gray hairs because you think you will get two new ones? We investigate how little truth there is in all of this and is it okay shag sitting.

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The first reaction of most women which see the first gray hair in the hair is that uproot them, do not worry you are not the only ones doing it. Women even pluck gray hairs and between the painting that you can not grow to the video, of course, in case you do not have them too.

The question is whether this wont damage your hair or it will happen that which we fear the rest of his life in this place instead of a three sit grow?

Experts say that you should not panic, it can happen to any epoch-making, the hair will be at the point where you’ve ripped grow back and it will be gray.

The worst that can happen is that together with the root drive away the hair follicle itself and in this case the hair in this place will no longer grow. Did you notice plucked follicle in that if the root of the hair red. In this case, it may be that the hair grows inwards, not outwards which can cause infection, but it is really rare.

When it comes to the myth that instead of one in the same cities grow three hairs sitting, immediately you say that there is not a shred of truth, but dermatologists and hair stylists advise that you do not jerk it sit because nowadays there are so many effective ways to hide them there is no no need for plucking.

To avoid falling into the temptation to pluck gray hair coloring between the two is very important that you regularly paint roots and hair stylists recommend refreshing your color every six weeks. Also, it is important to note that paint just does not grow and ends as a permanent painting peaks that are already painted can damage and dry the hair.

Finally we note, although it can not happen anything wrong, our advice is to not rip the hairs but to accept them as an integral part of more mature years and just start with regular hair dye.

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