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Pilates yoga

Mix Pilates yoga is a specific method of exercise that strengthens the body and mind through a combination of different elements so it does not get too difficult exercises that activate the entire body and gives great results.

Pilates yoga

Pilates yoga training, through a combination of strength exercises and stretching is achieved muscle tone, and they get spindly and elongated appearance. The whole body becomes better shaped and trimmed. In addition, Pilates contributes to better mental and physical self-control and relieve stress. Exercises are done with soft music in the standing or on the mat, no equipment or using large balls or weights.

Exercise focuses on the body as a whole, which is based on breathing, stretching, relaxation, and strength, muscle strengthening and endurance. Strengthening and stretching the spine, Pilates allows shaping slender silhouette, sculpted muscles, while in the long run provides maintenance forms, very effective in the fight against aging.

Training lasts an hour, exercises are performed slowly and precisely, with emphasis on the stability of the central part of the body, so-called. core. Strengthening the center, improving the posture of the whole body. This is especially useful for people who do road work, because practicing Pilates relieves the pain in my back and neck. Pilates increasingly employed many physio-therapists in the rehabilitation process.

Unlike traditional workout in the gym, Pilates combines durability and flexibility. Time your muscles become spindly, retain their elasticity, and at the same time strengthen basically. Pilates method activates a large number of deep muscles thus improving coordination, balance, and posture.

Pilates exercises are suitable for everyone, regardless of age, as the main or additional training.


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