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Exercises that will help you to burn more calories in less time

Any physical activity will help you burn calories, but sometimes the lack of time does not permit to practice as much as we wanted. Here are exercises that will help you in the short term to burn maximum calories.

tabata exercises


Tabata is a way to practice in very short periods but very intense, so intense that you are running out of breath, can not speak and you think you’ve exhausted all his strength, but in this way in a short time you burn considerable number of calories. For example, doing burpees for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, then repeat the procedure a full 4 minutes. In this way, you will burn 54 callories.

The struggle with the ropes

If you want to strengthen your hands, then you are doing this exercise with characteristic of crossfit. Take two large, thick and heavy ropes in the gym and lift them up and down. In just 10 minutes of exercise you will burn 112 calories.

Rope jumping

Fast skipping rope in one minute burns 11.5 calories, according to a calculation it means that for 20 minutes you will burn 230 calories, which is really great. Exercise can be divided in two parts, practice 10 minutes in the morning and 10 at night, you will not even feel it, and calories are burned.

Quick-change exercises

Try as soon as possible to work as many different exercises, without resting, so you will burn nine calories per minute, nearly 30 percent more than that breaks between exercises. For even better effect between the exercise do cardio exercises such as skipping rope.

High Intensity Training

Number of calories burned during any cardio will increase so as to try to the very limits of endurance. 30 seconds to a minute do the exercises with high intensity(sprint), then the same time exercise of moderate intensity. Studies have shown that this type of exercise increases the level of physical fitness and burns more calories than when you have completed all of the training with the same intensity.

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