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Yoga Diet – Weight loss and body shaping

Yoga diet is a set of rules which, although extremely simple, give excellent results visible on the scale and the bodily curves! You do not have to practice yoga to adopt lower rules. This kind of diet you actually encouraged to use products that are beneficial for your body and which is relatively easy to find the source of them – nature. So, you do not need to use the various types of artificial vitamins and nutritional pills, because all the necessary ingredients daily retrieve the intake of high-quality and well-balanced food.

joga diet - healthy salad

In yoga the diet can lead a full and healthy life, while protecting your body from various diseases and illnesses. This diet supports the natural balance of natural forces of the body, enriching the organs and tissues useful nutritive and increase mental energy. Rules yoga diet are quite simple and understandable.

The basic rules of yoga diet

  • Never eat standing up. Sit down and enjoy your meal;
  • Eat three meals a day;
  • Never reheat the food again;
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Do not replace water with teas, juices and other beverages;
  • Avoid fried food, this food is very heavy for digestion and irritate the stomach;
  • Make food attractive, for example, decorate with fresh herbs.

Example of a diet plan

The first breakfast: 150-200 grams of any fruit;

Second breakfast: a cup of vegetable soup without fat (250 ml), 100-150 grams of cooked lean meat (veal, beef, fish or chicken without the skin), a salad of fresh vegetables without additives (can be spiced up with lemon juice).

Lunch: A cup of vegetable soup without fat (250 ml), 100-150 grams of cheese or a boiled egg, salad of fresh vegetables without additives (except lemon juice), a glass of low fat yogurt or milk;

Dinner: 150-200 grams any fruit.

You can eat a variety of foods. For example, today you eat fish soup and fish. Tomorrow you will eat chicken soup and chicken. You can make a simple salad of cabbage, beets, carrots and onions. The variations are many and the only limit is your imagination.

The meal with two breakfast provides an opportunity to distribute meals so you do not starve and easily adapts to any daily rhythm. Meals are balanced diet and the body does not suffer from a lack of vitamins and minerals.

The effect of yoga diet can significantly improve daily physical activity. Although it bears the name which is mentioned yoga – it is not necessary to practice yoga – is sufficient and forty-minute brisk walk, cycling or swimming. It is essential that you have every day in the planned move.


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