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Pilates exercises for building core muscles

The core muscles, or the middle part of trunk – abdominal, back, pelvis, and the like, are extremely important for runners. These are the muscles that hold the body upright and if you are not strong enough to adversely affect the running technique, form, efficiency, and many other factors that determine how successful you will be in a race or training session. If you do these muscles do not provide sufficient stability during running will constantly go out of balance which means you are putting extra effort and spend the strength to return to him.

core muscles pilates

These muscles are also quite sensitive as to carry the weight of the entire upper body. If too much weight on during their workout easily can ušinuti or suffer another injury for which recovery will be long and arduous because they are not isolated like some other muscle groups. The secret is to find a path between a sufficient load to progress and one that will not cause injury.

The good thing about Pilates exercises is that they are not based on energetic moves unlike any other. These are slow, controlled movements whose aim is to keep the body in a position where constantly working muscles, thus eliminating the need for additional load as the exercise of power. These four exercises achieve just that. Do them three times a week as part of your pre or post-racing routine or independently run.

Exercises you can see in the video below.



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