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10 great fitness tricks

Finally, you have set a clear goal, and it reads: I wanted to lose and to be thin! Our fitness tricks will be an excellent guide to the desired look.

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A systematic review – when?

More than five years, you can do any sport, you have more than 35 years of age or have a medical problem? Before you begin to exercise intensively perform a systematic review.

Muscles without increasing the volume

If you want to tighten the muscles, but not to maximize muscle mass exercise with little load, but with more repetitions. For instance, instead of weight training, exercise with stretch bands. An exercise repeat at least 15 times.

Compensate for water loss

It is natural that the more you sweat while exercising, and so the body loses important minerals. To maintain balance, it is necessary after every 30 minutes of exercise, drink 250 ml of water.

Burn calories fast

The misconception is that calorie burning begins only after 30 minutes of exercise. Even ten minutes of intense training produces great results. Fitness experts say that calorie burning begins after four minutes of exercise.

Use a heart rate monitor

For the success of endurance training it is important to monitor your heart rate per minute. It is therefore advisable to carry on training and heart rate monitor, which also can be purchased at sporting goods stores.

Years number of heart beats per minute
20 120-140
25 117-137
30 114-133
35 111-130
40 108-126
45 105-123
50 102-119
55 99-116


For beginners lightweight training

Beginners should not in any case be trained to exhaustion. Not only they will lose, they will have to earn and sore muscles. If you opt for jogging, start with five minutes of jogging and take a short break. Then gradually increase the intensity.

The good old rope

Skipping rope was and is indispensable for burning calories. What is the rope weighs, the greater the load, and thus the effect of exercise is better. How to determine the required length of rope? Simple. Hold on to the rope, the ends should you reach to armpit.

Shoes by the bed

You have planned every Monday to go to the long walk? In this case, for the evening put the running shoes next to the bed. This little psychological trick will immediately remind you of your plan and encourage you to take action.

Forget the elevator ride

This is absolutely essential for all practitioners. Do not use the lift but take the stairs! Did you know that you thirty steps that you have “won” burn 50 calories?

Gymnastics in front of the TV

While sitting in front of the TV doing the exercises for the arms and chest muscles. Take two plastic half-liter bottles, fill them with water and props are ready. Straighten the arms to the side at shoulder height, bend them at the elbows to the shoulders and straighten them again. Then straighten your arms in front of you at chest height, and pointedly doing scissors shifting hand over hand. The exercises you are doing three sets of 20 repetitions.


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