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Cucumber diet: Remove up to 15 pounds in 14 days!

Based on the diet make cucumber salad that can be eaten in unlimited quantities every time when you feel hungry

cucumber salad

Diet with cucumbers is ideal for those who are too lazy to think about what to eat while on a diet because the diet plan is extremely simple: there are only a few foods that are consumed, a diet alone is performed for ten days. There is also an extended version of the 14 days where they actually recorded excellent results: a loss of as much as 15 pounds – of course depending on the level of physical activity.

Based on the diet makes cucumber salad that can be eaten in unlimited quantities every time you feel hungry. Lettuce is rich in nutritive and not have to worry that something will be lacking during the ten-day regime. Other foods that are eaten during the day are:

– 2 boiled eggs or 0,4 pounds of tuna drained of oil or 0,4 pounds of grilled white meat;

– 2 large boiled potatoes (can cook, mate, bake in the oven but not fry in oil) or 3 slices whole-wheat bread;

– 1 pound of fresh locally grown fruit.

From liquid you can drink plain water, tea, and allowed even coffee (no sugar). It is strictly forbidden to have fizzy drinks, alcohol and sweets.

With each meal and between meals – you can eat unlimited amounts of cucumber salad (recipe is below) and drinking cucumber shake – that is, whenever you attack hunger – feel free to roll up the lettuce or cucumber shake.

Example menu:

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs + bowl of salad cucumber;

Snack: 5 plum or one large apple or peach … or other seasonal fruit with a total weight of up to 0,5 pounds;

Lunch: toasted wholemeal bread + bowl of cucumber salad;

Snack: shake cucumber (see recipe at the end);

Dinner: fruit of your choice (up to 0,7 pounds)

How to make a salad of cucumber

The salad is very quick and very simple.


  • about 0,9 pounds of cucumber
  • 0,8 cup sour cream or kefir
  • salt and, if desired, young garlic


Peel and cut the cucumber in very small slices. Season with salt, stir gently so that proper schedules and pour sour cream, kefir and again gently mix everything. According to taste, add finely chopped young garlic and … Serve immediately.

Additional notes

Although this is a very simple diet, you need to pay attention to the quality of the food – try to use only fresh vegetables and fruit from a trusted supplier.

Moderate physical activity is an important thing in every diet, and with this, so the half-hour brisk walk (that’s her walk where you feel you’re starting to sweat) – a significant aid in fat loss.


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