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Diet for spring “makeover”

As soon as we step into the first days of March, usually immediately start to think about the accumulated pounds that we get during the winter, and we’ve cleverly concealed layers of winter clothes.

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In order for easier wardrobe welcome ready fix your line using spring “makeover” diet.

Accumulation of pounds over the winter is not at all strange or rare. Most of us can relax because it carries a wider, more comfortable and warm clothes, and there is a multitude of holiday that does not favor our line.

Spring is about to arrive and it is time to deal with these excess winter, and we of course have a very useful advice.

Eat more vegetables. It is fortunate that the spring is coming and a lot of new seasonal ingredients in which we can enjoy without much calorie intake. Eat foods that will fill you up, and you do not gain weight. Fresh salads, steamed vegetables and lean meats are a great choice for lunch. As an appetizer before the main meal, eat a large portion of salad and you will eat less of the main course than usual. Make sure that only the salad dressing is a diet without mayonnaise, yogurt and full-fat cheeses.

The warm breakfast. Nutritionists advise that breakfast always choose hot oatmeal instead of dry cereal because oatmeal contains only 300 calories per 450 grams, while in finished cereals has lots of added sugar. Breakfast is rich in fiber and helps in reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Drink green. When it comes to refreshing drinks throw out all those drinks that contain sugars and replace them with healthy shakes or better yet, a green tea. Catechins contained in green tea stimulate the body to burn calories and thus reduce fat on the body, of course, if you follow the rules and other diets and regularly move.

Reward yourself with chocolate. If the diet completely discard foods that normally enjoy the entire program you can be understood as a penalty, and naturally you will feel resistance and will not endure. Feel free to occasionally reward cube-quality dark chocolate. Not only is permitted but is preferred over the diet. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and lowers high blood pressure. In addition, a rich source of iron, magnesium and potassium, and as is well known to elevate the level of serotonin in the blood, which elevates mood.

Do not go overboard with diet and do not rely on those who defend the most restrictive provisions. Take small steps, and eat healthy. In addition to reducing diet it is important to have regular physical activity, does not have to be anything intense and hard, half-hour walk during the day will be quite sufficient. And another tip that we must not omit to diet to be successful you need to plan meals especially if during the day because of work you do not have too much time for cooking.

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