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Benefits of exercise for strength

The exercises power or resistance exercises are exercises that focus on strengthening the muscles and increase lean muscle mass. They, along with aerobic exercise, have amazing benefits for the overall health of the body.

strength women

Women tend to avoid strength exercise because they fear that their muscles will be too stressed and they will not look feminine. It’s just a misconception. The exercises will force your muscles to shape, strengthen and make them thin.

Muscles fight against fat

If you want to occasionally eat some calorie, but without remorse, should increase the percentage of muscle mass. The exercises of power are excellent for increasing muscle mass. What more muscle you have, the recommended daily intake of calories is higher. Your metabolism works faster even resting phase, and this is why you will not be able to afford to occasionally something less healthy and calorie.

The reduction in depression symptoms

Aerobic exercise, such as running or swimming, have a great effect on mood. Numerous studies have demonstrated that alleviate symptoms of depression. As far as the exercise of power, their effect on mood is not good enough researched, but they all conducted studies have shown that alleviate symptoms of depression and improve the functioning of antidepressants.

Prevention of osteoporosis

Due to aging, losing muscle and bone mass, especially for women. Their bones are smaller and can drastically weaken aging. The exercises of power are excellent for increasing bone mass. Every time the bone under load, their mass increases. The bones respond to exercise power almost identical to the muscles.

Prevention of diabetes

For the prevention of diabetes are crucial for healthy living habits. Maintain a healthy weight, eat a balanced diet and they often make the move. The exercises power significantly contribute to the prevention of diabetes. One study showed that 150 minutes of exercise per week strength reduces the risk of diabetes by 34%.

Preventing back pain

Increasingly, we spend days sitting, which has a negative impact on the health of the spine. The exercises will strengthen the muscles forces troops who support the spine. This way you reduce back pain and stimulate the body to instinctively correct posture. Squats, push-ups or advancements are just examples of exercises that strengthen the muscles of the entire body, including the muscles of the torso.

Better mental strength

When you feel that your body is strong, you will begin to feel that you are emotionally stronger. Exercises forces encourage you to move your limits until you muscles ache and burn. When you’re in that situation, you have the option to stop or continue. The reaction in such a situation can be reflected in the reactions important in everyday life situations. When you become aware that your body may submit more than you think, and you will realize that you yourself can submit a lot more than you think.

Better features

This is very simple. Exercises forces are the best way to secure your body and become more satisfied with it. Aerobic exercise can work all day, but not without strength exercises strengthen the muscles in places where you want.

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