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Curly hair: Take care of your curls!

It is extremely important for girls with curls who take care of their hair, how they wash the hair and which products they can use for recovery


Girls with straight hair are often jealous on curly friends who have their natural curls, but they do not know how much effort needs to be invested in curly hair to make it look shiny and healthy.
If you have a problem with your curls, here are a few tips that will help you to achieve stunning effect.

Good haircut

For girls with curls is the most important good hair stylist who knows how to cut her hair curls to look good even when they are pressed. It is important to make sure your hairdresser does not cut your hair in the “ball” (unless you want to look afro) and pay attention to the lower part of the hair so as not to look too heavy in relation to the upper part. Also, it is important to pay attention to the strands around the face.

A little shampoo, and a lot of conditioner

For curly hair is very important to use the right products. Good shampoo for curly hair can be found in every store, and are a good option, and the products labeled with “moisture”. It is important to watch the amount of shampoo that you apply to your hair, and the best formula for you: put a small circle button of hair conditioner and twice the amount of shampoo. Always rinse the shampoo so as not to precipitate the root of the hair and apply conditioner only 3/4 of hair – not the root of the hair.

Spray conditioner

No rinse conditioners are a great choice for girls with curls often look dry. At the hair it can be applied between washing, instead of styling products.

Fingers as the best tool for a quick hairstyle

Girls with curly hair are lucky because their hair can fix anytime, anywhere – with the help of fingers. Separate hair in sections 10-15 and pull out the curls with your fingers.


Photo by Martin de Witte / CC BY

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