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Secrets of proper nutrition, a healthy life and slimness

Making changes to your usual menu is allowing you to lose excess weight and improve your health.

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Whatever weight loss program you choose, there are universal tricks that will help you diet and help you before you reach your goal – a healthy and attractive body!

Coffee. When you can, drink another cup of coffee. Results of a scientific study, which was published in the “American journal of clinical nutrition,” showed that greater amounts of coffee may reduce the risk of developing a diabetes in adults.

Serving. It is scientifically proven that people that eat up to 35 percent less food when they serve it directly on the plate, but when they served in the middle of the table, and in front of people as empty plates.

Drink. On average, users of soft drinks per day in the organism enters more than 400 calories and 10 tablespoons of sugar. Therefore, you can replace tea and lose up to 18 pounds in just one year.

Proteins. Protein should be consumed at each meal. They are one of the most valuable nutrients to accelerate the reduction of appetite and metabolism.

Bread. It is recommended, but if you eat the dough, to be bread from whole grains. It will help in the fight against the occurrence of heart disease and cancer.

Television. Research conducted by scientists at the University of Massachusetts found as watching television during meal can influence to bring more than 288 calories than it would when the TV is off.

Fork. While you chew, put your fork on the plate. Alternatively, after each bite to drink some water. The slower Dining stimulates the release of hormones that provide a feeling of fullness, as discovered by Greek experts in nutrition.

Green tea. This tea can, as pointed out by Chinese scientists, to help strengthen bones. It is recommended that young people drink as much green tea as it will reduce the likelihood of later life experience fractures. Also, there are the results of a study which showed that green tea helps against bad breath.

Sleeping. Experts believe that it is necessary for at least eight hours of sleep to keep the body stay healthy. Too little or too much sleep leads to weight gain.

Milk. People who regularly enjoy the milk and dairy products have lower probability for the occurrence of heart disease. You should drink at least two glasses of milk a day, and it’s recommended a skim milk.


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