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Aerobic and anaerobic physical activity

Despite the fact that those words are often used in the jargon of sports and recreation, few people know what it exactly is. The terms aerobic and anaerobic originate from the professional language of biochemistry and physiology.


In the area of recreation and sports two terms indicate the ways in which the body gets the energy to run in a variety of physical activities. Since it is in some activities prevalent way of getting energy anaerobic and aerobic second, and so are certain physical activities received adjective aerobic and anaerobic.

Aerobic physical activity

In this type of activity energy for muscle movement is obtained in the biochemical reactions that break down food substances from contact with oxygen. Thus, aerobic activity refers to the presence of oxygen. Such exercises are time longer, but lower intensity. Walking, running, biking, swimming, hiking and other activities are aerobic activities. Aerobic activities are recommended for good health because their use enables the body to deliver more oxygen to the cells, and that they better take advantage. In this way you strengthen the heart, blood vessels and lungs.

  • Excellent for weight loss because the duration and low intensity increasingly exploiting the fat out of the body as an energy source.
  • Good for psychological relief and stress reduction. Recommended for the elderly because of its low intensity effort.

Anaerobic physical activity

Muscle and other cells can sometimes create energy from nutrients, and to give them the biochemical reactions do not need oxygen. Hence the name anaerobically. It occurs when the body needs energy and now, without the possibility that the body gradually adapts to the greater effort and to be provided with more oxygen. In addition to energy, in the process, produced and lactic acid that is removed from the muscles. Lactic acid is one of the key factors that determines how anaerobic activity can last. While the production of lactic acid exceeds the ability of its removal it begins to accumulate in the muscle, and because of these conditions biochemistry of muscle usually can more effectively generate energy. Therefore, gradually reduce and interrupt activity. After some time of rest we can start again. The characteristics of anaerobic activities that are of high intensity and short duration (minutes) and are between exercises or activities require a short rest. Anaerobic physical activity are considered as tennis, squash, rowing, running fast to 1500 m, shorter and faster running in sports such as football, handball … It should be noted that no physical activity not only aerobic or anaerobic. Depending on the intensity is dominated by one or another way of getting energy. For example hiking is considered aerobic activity, while walking slowly and long, but when you need to capture for any wire fixed in the rock and climb, then turning to anaerobic activity. Race to 400 meters professional athlete is an anaerobic activity, and someone gently aerobic running.

For the end
For recreation and health should begin with aerobic activity, and only later, when you strengthen the cardiovascular system and lungs, may begin with anaerobic activity. Tip: The correct sequence would be a walk for an hour three times a week for 1 month, followed by jogging three times a week, also a month, after which engage and slightly faster intervals of 10-15 seconds of running.


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