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Do not remove the pubic hair – they are there for a reason!

Waxing bikini area is one of the most hated female grooming rituals. A new study has revealed that the majority of women who fully or partially use razor to remove hair from areas of the intimate zone can seriously damage their health.

pubic hair waxing

Women do not understand the risks of shaving pubic hair, because shaving hair from other parts of the body is safe and do not threaten the health.

The study showed that 87 percent of women regulating intimate haircut, and 90 percent of them to make a razor.

However, genital skin is extremely sensitive and is much more than, say, the skin on your feet. Therefore, shaving can create tiny cuts that are not always visible.

This could explain why 60 percent of women said they had experienced unpleasant side effects after removal of pubic hair. Frequently it comes to abrasions, after which comes to ingrown hairs.

Yes, injuries are small, but they are not harmless.

The skin below the waist is full of sweat glands, this means that the area is wet and mostly dark. Therefore, it is the perfect environment for bacterial growth, especially if the skin you have small cuts or damage which can easily enter bacteria, viruses, and therefore the possibility of infection is extremely high.

May appear sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes and HPV, as pubic hair in fact is a natural barrier that prevents infection.


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