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Would you move to the gluten-free diet?

Gluten-free diet has in recent years experienced a real boom. Many have started to follow. Although initially designed as a therapeutic diet, it’s proven to be excellent for cleansing the body.

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Gluten-free diet is designed primarily for those suffering from celiac disease, who have a problem with absorption of gluten, a protein that is present in the flour of wheat, barley and rye. Also, is prescribed to people who have less severe intolerance to gluten.

However, today it is generally accepted, for some completely healthy people proved to be excellent for cleansing the body, and for weight loss – 5 days about 1.5 kg.

Some experts claim that this diet does not react all the same. For some, it has no impact on health, and there are examples of people who felt worse. In fact, this diet deprive the product of a comprehensive grain, and a multitude of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

This diet can be harmful for some healthy people who are not informed about gluten-free diet.

You, however, you can try this diet. And if you see that you do not like, you can always return to the old regime of diet or switch to a different diet.

In gluten-free diet are allowed

All kinds of fruits and vegetables, eggs, rice, corn, buckwheat, quinoa, soy, potatoes, nuts, beans, legumes, meat or fish (not marinated, processed or fried), all kinds of oil, not sweetened milk and tea, coffee.

Not allowed

Barley, rye and wheat and all products that contain the products of these crops (double check labels when buying food). Be very careful when buying industrial processed foods, because it can often contain gluten.


Alcohol, beer (unless you are a special gluten-free), licorice, spaghetti, lasagna, noodles, dumplings, biscuits, cakes, some dressings, most grains, … (Of course, much of this food has a gluten-free replacement, so it is advisable, especially for frequent incorrect labeling of ingredients, to cook food).

Gluten-free diet, you can try it for a few days and if it’s convenient you can continue to adhere to, but you have the option to create your own diet program, which would only partially included gluten-free foods.


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