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Tanning – a source of vitamin D or skin cancer?

It harms us or sun gives us enough vitamin D? Does sun causes skin cancer or causes else? Find out …

Our skin is likes the sun because enriches our body with vitamin D. We all like tan. Tan is beautiful and healthy. By definition tan is skin damage caused by UV rays,  but we will not spoil your summer. The sun’s rays are a source of energy and without the sun there would be no life on Earth.


However, all the earth tends to an equilibrium state, from the smallest atom onwards, and our relationship to the sun should be balanced. Do not be afraid of the sun. But you should not be overly exposed. Sunbathing is healthy to a certain amount. But there is another problem in the background.

Thirty years ago, people have spent most of their time out on the field every day and are exposed to the sun and sunlight. Also, do not forget to mention that before people wore clothes with long sleeves woven from cotton. Simply a way of life was different than then today. Today, most people most of the day is spent indoors, out of the office to work, from work to home. Spending time in the sun is significantly reduced. There is a problem with sunbathing. Since so little time in the sun, leaving the other extreme, excessive exposure.

Our body still needs time to adapt to external conditions. The skin has time to adjust, supplies of vitamins and minerals were too small to defend the skin. When the little expose to sunlight, the skin provides the necessary vitamins to protect, not counting the ones that you can enter the food. The consequence of this burn, which I happen several times, causing skin cancer.

Skin cancer does not occur just as easily, nor any other form of cancer. On the development of cancer affects nutrition, the environment in which you live and genes. Skin cancer occurs in areas that have been damaged several times. You need a few times to burn those suffering from skin cancer. When the resulting sunburn, your skin defend itself and your whole body is activated to restore damaged cells. Of course, after multiple burns, your body can not repair cells because they are completely destroyed.

When the sun is a source of skin cancer?

The sun is a source of skin cancer:

  • When not subjected to enough sunlight in the rest of the year
  • When your diet is low in vitamins and minerals that are needed to strengthen the skin
  • When you expose excessive solar radiation in a short period of time when the UV index is too high. Once in the body builds up enough vitamin D, excessive exposure leads to its destruction. The balance is disrupted!

When the sun is a source of vitamin D?

  • When your skin is pre-enriched with vitamins and minerals. You need a constant supply and restock it when exposed to the sun, your body automatically activates the “protection” to avoid the occurrence of burns, and if it comes to appearance, the easier it will be repaired. Also, the presence of other vitamins and minerals essential influence on the conversion of vitamin D and its adsorption.
  • When you gradually expose to sunlight.


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