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How to nurture naturally curly hair in winter

Tips for hair care during winters are of great importance to women with all hair types, but especially for ladies who have natural curls. With our tips hair will be silky all year round, shiny and beautiful.

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Women with curly hair is almost all year long struggle with dryness, and this winter is particularly evident when the hair is exposed to sudden changes of temperature field, frequent drying, wind and cold. To make your curls even in winter beautiful, soft and hydrated apply some of our advice.

Smart Plan washing hair

One of the most important tips for girls with curls is wise to plan when to wash your hair especially if you do not want to have to use your hairdryer. Wash your hair in the evening when you know you have to get out of the house and when you have enough time to dry curly hair because it really takes a lot of time and do not want to go out with wet hair.

Products for hydration

If your hair is, despite all the dry product may be doing something wrong. Buy a gentle shampoo with as few chemicals and harmful ingredients that will not rinse natural oils of hair that give it moisture. Try it after every other wash rinse your hair with apple vinegar that will improve the health of the hair. Apply conditioner to the hair when you drain most of the water out of her hair and choose the ones you need to keep your hair for at least two minutes, not one that is immediately flushed.

Use oils

Humidity will retain the hair using oil, and the best options are coconut, jojoba and olive oil which will smear the hair after washing. Finally, apply on hair styling product, whether in terms of creams that will increase the volume or gels that will soothe your little curls.

Cover hair

Wind and cold relations of moisture from your hair and so whenever go out, wear a hat or a scarf hair cover. They are very important materials which will cover curly hair because it curls easily damaged and interfering in contact with cotton or wool. First, cover your hair with a silk scarf and then put the cap.

Smart Sleep

You would not believe or even sleep can affect the health of your curls. Linen can also damage your hair and it would be best if your hair before bed wrapped in a satin scarf or buy a satin pillowcase.

Eat right

This probably you already know but it never hurt to mention twice. What you eat directly affects the health and appearance of your hair so be careful. Note that you drink plenty of water and eat lots of green vegetables. Your hair needs all possible nutrients to grow well and was beautiful. Avoid sweets and junk food, intake of minerals and vitamins your hair will thank you.

Do not go overboard with the creation of the hair

During the winter, do not overdo it with the use of a hair dryer and straightening irons. Let your hair to be natural because it will contribute to health, especially during the winter months. And ultimately you are lucky you have natural curls just teach them to keep under control. In the evening before bedtime massage your scalp castor oil or tea tree oil, massage it well, wrap your hair and try to maintain a more natural form of hair.

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