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Guide to baby’s sleeping during the night and during the day

Sleep is one of the main concerns of young parents, as their own, as the baby. When it comes to baby’s sleeping we bring you a brief guide to what to and what not to do.

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Most experienced parent will tell you that parenting becomes easier at the moment when the baby enters the rhythm and began to sleep, but many go for months and even years before that happens. We sincerely hope that you will find some of our advice will be of help when it comes to day and night sleep.

Identify drowsiness

It is important to recognize when your baby sleeps and it is immediately put into the crib. If the baby yawns, rubs his hands can handle the eyes, nervous and irritable is to have clear signs of sleepiness. Babies who are sleepy usually have a problem with falling asleep and it would be the first signs should respond. In older baby sign of sleepiness can be awkwardness and even hyperactivity.

Do not be a baby

If your baby falls asleep in the stroller or car seat can do is wake up already with her into the house, make yourself comfortable and leave for a little sleep. Position the baby so that she gets as much as comfortably and make sure you do not accidentally drop it. Permission is granted to babies to sleep is seat for some time, but not overnight.

Babies are a long sleepers

You might not seem so at first, but the baby during the first months of sleeping up to 16 hours a day and it is only when you are hungry or wet. As babies grow babies need less sleep. By six months of age, babies should sleep all night plus to have two or three daily sleep. If your baby does not fit into these statistics do not worry because all children are different.

Do not rely on sleeping in motion

It may sound tempting, and we all did that baby let her sleep while driving in a wheelchair or in a car, but that should not mean that you become a habit. The baby may not be good enough in rest if asleep while driving and this can disrupt sleep schedule. For the baby is much better to sleep a day ‘do’ in her crib.

Feed the baby, take a break and is then put it to sleep

It is only natural that the baby falls asleep immediately after feeding, but you should make sure that feeding becomes the only way in which the baby sleep. It is necessary that a baby learns to fall asleep alone and therefore try to separate feeding of bedtime. Feed the baby, then take a break and then go to sleep. Between her read a story or change him or her.

Extend the day sleeping

If your baby is older than six months and not sleeping during the day longer than 20 minutes, is free to encourage sleep longer. Extend the time between sleep and awake longer hold the baby to sleep a little longer in one piece. The baby should have two daytime sleep of 1-2 hours and all night.

Make routine

To set routine you need to pay attention to several things: put the baby to sleep every day at the same time, can not avoid daytime sleep because it can make it difficult falling asleep at night. The child put to sleep in bed day and night.

Do not rush with the awakening

Sneezing, hiccups, moans, rollovers are the things that babies do when they sleep, but you can not raise a baby on the first noise. Even if your baby cries wait some time before you leave the room because there is a possibility that the baby reassure herself and fell asleep again.

Place the baby in the crib while still awake

After the first few weeks after birth the baby does not have to be asleep when you descend into the crib and even then you can put itself to sleep. Try not to nosy, do not wobble and not feed while sleep. All this can teach your baby and to reassure herself if she wakes up during the night.

Think of your baby’s safety

If the baby is bound on the couch, your own bed or on the floor be sure to place it in her room because it is not enough safe places to sleep. Always place your baby to sleep on your back or your side because studies have shown that this reduces the risk of sudden infant death. From the baby’s crib, remove all stuffed toys, excess bedding and pillows and baby can not put to sleep with other children or pets.

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