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A key factor for skin health nutrition

A key factor for healthy skin nutrition. Learn which foods cause acne and pimples …

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You’re one of the people that is prone to acne and can not seem to find the real cause. You’ve probably tried a large number of cosmetic products to be rid of them. No matter how you sounded incredible, research a doctor I found that acne and pimples caused by foods that contain large amounts of iodine. A key factor for healthy skin nutrition.

Dr. Fulton explains: “Iodine enters the body and mixes with the blood, while the excess is excreted through the sebaceous glands. During the secretion of iodine irritate pores and cause acne attack. ”

In the table below we present to you the foods to which you should pay particular attention. Follow themselves which foods you violate skin health. Meals you can certainly improve skin health, but it may also harm the.

Food / Drink Iodine (ppm) Food / Drink Iodine (ppm)
Dairy products Salt
Cream cheese 27 Iodinated 54
Butter 26 Kitchen 40
Milk 11 Seafood
Sour cream 7 Seaweed 1020
Fresh Cow cheese 5 Squid 39
Yogurt 3 Crabs 33
Meat Swordfish 24
Veal liver 325 Shells 20
Turkey 132 Shrimp 17
Chicken 67 Lobster 9
Burger 44 Oysters 8
Miscellaneous Vegetables
Chips 80 Asparagus 69
Wheat germ 46 Brussels sprouts 90
Pretzels 15 Onions 82
White bread 8 Sweetcorn 45
Coca-cola 3 Potatoes 9
Sugar 2


Photo by Shimelle Laine / CC BY

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