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Elimination diet – careful diet

Elimination diet is based on more strict selection of food, but people who have tried it say that they changed my life.

elimination diet

The food we eat every day slightly spoiled our health and, in some cases, shortens life expectancy. Unfortunately, toxic food today is more difficult to observe. Do you eat healthy, but in fact you enter Vista toxins than usual.

The first steps in this diet are that you realize that this food is the most damage, which causes inflammation, which bothers you. Eliminate the month and monitor how you feel when you put it back into the diet.

How to do “elimination”

Write down any symptoms you notice in yourself: Do you have problems with the skin; indigestion (gas, bloating, constipation), allergies, lack of energy, bad mood, fogging vision? These are just some of the symptoms of sensitivity to the effects of the consumption of food or bad food.

Make a list of all the symptoms that the “catch” with it, and this list will be a skeleton guideline.

Then search for “suspects” foods, the ones we suspect that you do not match, the damage. Of course, first eliminate junk food, too much sugar and soda. But the basis of elimination diet to remove: gluten products, milk, eggs, soy, fast food and alcohol at 23 days, as it is necessary to withdraw the symptoms caused by allergies.

Alcohol expelling due to reasons detoxification. Alcohol it also contains sugars that help fungi and harmful bacteria to grow. When you eliminate alcohol from the “repertoire” you will feel better within a few weeks, because you changed the flora in the intestine.

What to eat

We have seen that the elimination diet seeks to remove foods that commonly consume, but you do not have to worry. You will need a little more time for grocery shopping and preparation.

We are all, unfortunately, accustomed and increasingly strive to prepare food quickly and easily, which in most cases is not healthy. She eventually makes us sick. For new habits takes 20 to 25 days, because this diet lasts 23 days.

Getting back to the food. Eat 30 percent lean protein and 70 percent of vegetables. Buy organic food (non-fat beef, chicken, wild fish). A vegetable dial also organic – lenses, legumes, nuts, seeds, seaweed, cinema and similar products without gluten.

If you eat fish, choose those with less mercury (smaller fish). Consume a lot of fiber, complete food, fresh, you prepare yourself.

Turn the cooking olive oil, coconut, sunflower, linseed and avocado.

In order to examine the effects?

After 23 days, the days come test. The first day after elimination diet choose one food that you include in your diet (gluten, dairy, eggs, …). But make sure only one of them. Then watch for changes and that the list of symptoms that you noted, the following 48 hours. After two days later eat the same food and watch what happens. If there are no symptoms, you can continue to eat that food.

Then select and test the same way and the other foods that you eliminate from your diet.


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