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Pilates – Exercise for beautiful and healthy body

Benefits from exercising Pilates

Pilates is composed of about a hundred exercises in order to strengthen muscles. This type of exercise is extremely popular and brings many benefits for your body and soul. Why not try something new this spring – try Pilates.

exercising pilates

Pilates was invented by Joseph Hubert Pilates who first called Contrology, because the essence of Pilates lies in carefully controlled breathing to control the functions of their muscles and movements of the entire body. Proper breathing helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles, which in turn relaxes the back muscles – back pain are usually the result of overloading these muscles.

Stronger “missed “the muscles

Pilates is mainly concerned about the small and weak muscles do which is otherwise hard to come by , which is usually pays more attention on other types of exercise , and it follows that they do not burden the right way or burdened enough. These are the muscles that help maintain correct and healthy posture and cardiovascular system. This is why Pilates is recommended for everyone, especially for those who are recovering from injuries.

Pilates teaches you to “use” the muscles correctly

Irregular repetitive movements during daily tasks or sporting activities lead to a constant body posture. Therefore, the correction of this attitude is a long process that, if you repeat it long enough, it can be very successful. Pilates teaches you to create a new movement, a current running properly – all of this is passed on to our daily life and other sporting activities they perform.

Regular Pilates:

  • It allows a better and healthier posture
  • It helps you to get rid of the headaches that come as a result of improper posture
  • Visibly strengthen your abdominal muscles
  • Take care of a healthy cardiovascular system
  •  Makes your body more flexible
  •  Significantly relaxes the lower back muscles
  •  Improves the digestive system and together with stronger immune systems
  •  Makes your moves better control and reduces the risk of injury in other sports
  •  Improves coordination body


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